Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saturday at Julie's Lake

I had planned to go to Julie's super early on Saturday to take advantage of the early morning calm water while Ingrid and Jon were at the swim clinic, but since we had our pool session Saturday morning we all went out a little later
I did try to ski but only for about a minute since the water was crazy choppy
Then it was time to relax, we hung out in the lake on floaties for hours! and it was awesome!
Richard in the hammock chair
Shayla made cakeballs and Ingrid was super excited to try her very first one!
Julie and her cakeball
Peggy brought out her new stand up paddle board and we all took turns trying it out

I think Julie has pictures of others trying it out, but I only ended up with pictures of me on it.
It was funny to see the stand up paddle board going up the hill on the golf cart.

Thanks for another awesome day on the lake Julie and Richard!!

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