Thursday, August 5, 2010


I had a really great birthday this year! Starting with Ingrid giving me birthday presents early at the Katy Flatland Ride and continuing with getting flowers and a balloon from Jeff, I love flowers and balloons! and a "more cowbell" t-shirt from Richard, all that BEFORE my birthday!
On Thursday we got up early and headed to Lago Vista to take advantage of the flat, glassy early morning water on Julie's Lake (aka Lake Travis). We got to Julie's and Sandra was there too, to give me a birthday hug and a card from all the Tri Zoners, apparently they signed it on Tuesday and I was completely clueless!

Then it was out to the boat and onto the water!I had so much fun skiing!
Julie is an awesome skiier!
Julie skiing on her beautiful lake
Julie and I decided to ski together- FUN! Julie's rope was a little shorter than mine, so I got sprayed in the face the entire time!
going in for a high five!
waving at the camera
we're done!
hanging out between ski runs
At some point Julie made a comment about her and Richard being "old farts" ha! yeah right, you sure don't ski like old farts!!By lunch time I was starving! Julie made my Avocado chicken salad for lunch- yum! and we had figs with cheese for an appetizer and peaches and ice cream for dessert- so yummy!!

then Richard and Julie pulled out the Air Chair! That thing is Crazy!! Richard showing us how it's done, he's an expert at Air Chairing!
Jeff Air Chairing, he said it was really fun!
Just getting into the Air Chair is a workout!Hey! I'm actually doing it! I must have wiped out on that thing at least 20 times! But it was so much fun!
Wiping out! At least that time I had time to plug my nose before I hit the water!

What a great birthday! Thanks Julie and Richard!


md said...

you are so blessed with great friends and great times!!!
I love your pics.
happy birthday!

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