Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Erika's 30th Birthday
Just a few pictures from a really fun 30th birthday celebration at a couple of wineries south of Austin. Erika really knows how to celebrate birthdays, she celebrated her 30th all month!Erika & Lori at Mandola Winery- they are very generous with their tastings!
Angela, Erika & Lori
The group at Mandola, I guess Fred was taking the picture
Erika getting excited about her birthday cupcake!
Awesome view at the Driftwood winery

Buffalo Springs 70.3 and Ironman Coeur d'Alene Watch PartyWe couldn't be there in person so we watched online and on tv as our friends rocked the tough Buffalo Springs & Coeur d'Alene courses.
Nydia, Erika, Shayla, Kendra & Connor watching and cheering for our friends racingDel and Linda excited for our friends racing!Matt's finish
Amy jumping across the finish line!
Drew's finish, stupid leader board!

July 4th
Unfortunately, no pictures from the fourth. Patti had a great party! In her words "9 dogs, 13 people, 1 Adrian, 1 guitar, 24 mortars, and 1 tour de france = 1 Happy 4th of July!" I couldn't have said it better, although she did forget to mention Paul and Mandy's awesome food.


Anonymous said...

I love that you put so many pictures on your blog. I need to be better at that! Looks like a lot of fun events! - Kristen

Anonymous said...

Umm mam' were you taking pics AND driving during your drive back home from KFC?!!! -Del