Thursday, June 10, 2010

Team Leading 2010 & Spectating at Danskin

Photo by Tom Marek

I feel like Tri Zones has given me so much that I wanted to give a little back by team leading, but just like last year, team leading this year was so much fun and so rewarding that it didn't really feel like "giving back". There was never a workout where I didn't laugh, and I was always so proud of the girls for their accomplishments. Even though it was often super hectic getting to the workouts and hardly ever having a free evening, I missed the team on nights when I wasn't scheduled to team lead.One of the first swim workouts of the season, I love how the pool looks in the dark photo by Shayla Neris
Photo by Shayla Neris
fingertip drag Photo by Shayla Neris
Thumper the North Central Tri Zones mascotThumper riding my bike, he needs a helmet
Thumper at the pre Danskin party after Katherine outfitted him properly notice the bike helmet, and he even has shoes! Photo by Shayla Neris
Kristen at the pre Danskin party Photo by Shayla Neris

Pre Danskin breakfast, lots of hugs that morning Photo by Shayla Neris
Photo by Shayla Neris
Painting toenails red and blue for Danskin Photo by Shayla Neris
North Central team at breakfast Photo by Shayla Neris
Photo by Shayla Neris
I got Tri Zones chapstick in my goodie bag! I LOVE chapstick! Photo by Shayla Neris
The bunny being officially named Thumper Photo by Shayla Neris
Danskin morning Photo by Tom Marek
Pam & Amy swim angeling Photo by Tom Marek
Near the finish line cheering like crazy for hours! Photo by Tom Marek
I thought I was loud, but Leah put me to shame! Photo by Tom Marek
Photo by Tom Marek
I loved seeing our athletes finishing. I really hoped the girls would feel the energy and love from their Tri Zones team as they ran by, just like I felt it at Longhorn last year. After hearing Katherine, Theresa and a couple of others describe running through the Tri Zones area, I know they did. Katherine almost made me cry telling me about the finish line, reminded me of exactly how I felt at Longhorn.
Photo by Tom Marek
High fiving LaDeen near the finish, she was so excited! Kenneth and his dad are in the background, look how proud they look!
Coach Tracy stealing a cookie from one of her athletes Photo by Tom Marek
Photo by Tom Marek
The entire Tri Zones team Photo by Tom Marek
Shayla and I having fun cheering in the final finishers Photo by Tom Marek
Shayla moonwalking Photo by Tom Marek
cheering on some of the final finishers Photo by Tom Marek

I wanted to blog about the season mostly to remember some of the highlights, but at the post Danskin party (there were a lot of parties this season!) Kristen surprised us with a video of season highlights- it's Awesome!! She even gave gifts to the team leaders! I thought my gift was getting to hang out with all these awesome girls, so that was a cool surprise! And in my card she wrote "you're already made of iron in my mind" she sure knows how to melt the heart of a girl training for her first Ironman!


Shayla said...

Very cool recap! That picture of Tracy trying to eat the cookie made me laugh out loud! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I love that you add so many pictures to your blog! They tell even more of your story. Sounds like you had an awesome spring! You were a great TL and great friend...and you ARE made of iron :) - Kristen