Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pflugerville Ride

Me and my bike in the bluebonnets near Pflugerville. Photo by Shayla Neris

I needed to ride about 50 miles today and wanted to do something different than Parmer (although I don't mind riding Parmer over and over). Sandra and I planned to ride Pflugerville but she got sick so Kendra, Shayla and Annette came to my rescue so I wouldn't have to ride 50 miles completely alone. I rode 20 miles on Coach Jen's time trial route while they were team leading with the North Central beginners. When they got to the lake we headed out for the 30 mile loop from Vickie's Hell Ain't This Hot Half. I had forgotten how rough, washboarded and potholed some of the roads around Pflugerville are. Some of the roads are nice and smooth, but the ones that aren't are really bad. The wind was really picking up too. Despite the wind and rough roads I had a good ride and enjoyed myself (except maybe on the wind tunnel of Manda Carlson Rd) I give full credit to Kendra, Shayla, and Annette for my enjoying the ride today, without them I don't think I would have had nearly as much fun. The wildflowers were gorgeous today so we stopped and Shayla took some pictures. I have always wanted pictures of my bike in the bluebonnets- thanks Shayla!Shayla in the bluebonnets with her bikeKendra and her bike in the bluebonnets. Photo by Shayla NerisAnnette and Buzz in the bluebonnets. Photo by Shayla Neris

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