Friday, December 25, 2009

My New Tri Bike

First, I know I'm writing this on Christmas, but no, it was not a Christmas gift. I've actually had it for about 2 months now. Jeff had been looking for a bike that would really fit me properly for about 5 months (sometimes it sucks to be short) and about 2 weeks before Longhorn he brought this home!
It's a Kestrel Airfoil Pro SL with an Ultegra SL group set, Mavic Ksyrium Elite 650 wheels & a Profile Design Cobra carbon cockpit. Wow! But I had no intention of changing bikes and getting used to a new bike just 2 weeks before Longhorn. Plus, I had told Jeff a while ago I did not want a tri bike, I thought it would be too aggressive and hard to handle. Since this was the only bike he could get that would really fit me well, he decided to bring it home and let me try it out and see what I thought. It was after Thanksgiving before I really tried it out and decided I like it, in fact I REALLY like it. It's actually easier to handle than my road bike which was a big surprise to me.
This bike is fun to ride, I want to ride every day, so much that I talked Jeff into riding last weekend when it was 30 degrees! (If you know me well, you know I don't go outside voluntarily if it's below 50 degrees!) We only made it 10 miles before we were frozen and had to come home. I thought about trying to talk Jeff into riding with Mark, Adrian, and Jason this morning even though it was 25 degrees!! In the end they didn't even ride today.
This ends up being really great timing since I decided to do Ironman Cozumel 2010 and it will probably be very windy there so the more aggressive tri bike position will be really helpful.

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