Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving morning I ran the Turkey Trot and Jeff went for a ride with Mark, Pieps, Adrian, and Paul. I ended up running with Vickie and Kim who are both way faster than me, but wanted an easy run. I had a great run, chatting and laughing with them, saying hi to other friends we saw along the way, and hearing more of Vickie's Ironman stories. The weather was beautiful for running. I ended up finishing almost 3 minutes faster than last year and after the run Vickie said I could have gone faster if I had "really tried" instead of chatting and laughing my way through the 5 miles. Maybe she's right, and if so, that's kinda cool. Either way I had a great, Kim, and Vickie, my Turkey Trot running buddies

After the run, it was time for the annual Tri Zones Thanksgiving Champagne Toast (although we've had LOTS of champagne toasts this year) This is just one of many many reasons I love Tri Zones.
Coach Tracy giving the toast
Tri Zones Champagne Toast, photo by Tom Marek
Kristen bragging about somehow getting a big pespi cup full of champagne

After running and riding, Jeff, Connor, Katie, and I went over to Patti's for Thanksgiving dinner. Paul was cooking so we had really been looking forward to this. Chef Paul finishing Thanksgiving dinner preparations
Priscilla, me, Adrian, and Jeff waiting patiently while Paul tells us what everything is.Pieps and his Thanksgiving dinner
Some of Paul's yummy food
Jeff and I wanted to get something for Paul for making Thanksgiving dinner for us, so we got him this knife that Mark said he would really like. This morning on Paul's facebook page was a picture of the leftover turkey breast with his new knife. I'm glad he likes it, I know Jeff and I really enjoyed his dinner. Everyone except me ate 2 big plates of food, I really wanted a second plate, but I just couldn't do it, I was already really full after just one plate.
After dinner everyone was sleepy and Adrian suggested a Thanksgiving walk before dessert. We took all the dogs and walked around the neighborhood and the nearby school where Mark and Adrian found some broken kids bikes and raced them around the parking lot! Jeff took pictures of this craziness, but he's having trouble getting them off his phone, hopefully he can get them because I'm sure they're hilarious!

After the walk we all had chocolate trifle for dessert-yum!
Bo and Pieps
Connor and Katie had a great time playing with Bo, but I don't think Mark's chihuahua Wienie Man (yes, that's really his name, no wonder the poor guy has "little dog complex") appreciated having 2 more big dogs in his house all day.
Jeff and Katie
Mark and Connor, Connor was really interested in Mark's apple

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