Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer in Austin

We have been having so much fun lately that we haven’t had time to write about all the fun we’re having!

Ingrid came to Austin for her last long hilly bike ride before Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 (which she absolutely ROCKED!!). She rode the dam loop, one of the tougher bike routes in Austin. I opted for a ride on Parmer with Sarah R., Roz, and Monica instead. We both had good rides and then spent the rest of the day resting and catching up. We ended up making fish tacos with peach salsa, stuffed zucchini, and heirloom tomatoes for dinner after a trip to Wheatsville Co-op. I wish I had taken pictures, everything looked beautiful and tasted even better! Sunday morning we got up early for a long run at Town Lake with Sandra. We all did 8 miles then Ingrid went back out for 7 more.

Jeff and I have been able to go out on the boat with Jason and Sylvia a few times this summer, it has been so much fun! Lake Austin is beautiful and it’s great to be out on the water especially when it’s so hot. It seems like every time we go out on the boat I have just done a long ride or run so my legs are tired before I even start skiing, oh well, it’s still fun.

Jeff and I celebrated the longest day of the year by hanging out on South Congress and then watching the bats fly out of the bridge at sunset. It’s amazing how many bats there are!
Bats flying out from the Congress Bridge.
My little brother came down to visit for a weekend. He has wanted to go to Schilitterbahn for years and he finally got to go! We had a great time! It was a perfect day for Schilitterbahn, it was 105 degrees, but the Comal River water is really cold, so I actually got a little chilled a couple of times! We took the camera with the underwater housing, but neither of us wanted to carry it around, so no pictures. It was great to see Jason, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen him in 5 years!

This has been one of the hottest Junes on record in Austin. Of course during the hottest week our AC went out. It was out for a week and every day that week it was between 105 and 108! I think the record highs were broken every day that week. After a couple of days without AC, we decided to stay at Nicki’s until it was fixed. We had 4 people offer to let us stay with them, thanks so much to all of you! We really appreciate it!

I started Independence Day with a 9 mile run at Town Lake and a swim at Barton Springs. I love fireworks, so we went downtown that afternoon for the big fireworks display at Auditorium Shores. Kayakers on Town Lake on July 4th.
It was another HOT day and Jeff and Jim seemed pretty miserable, so we hung out in the air conditioned lobby at the Radisson until sunset. We watched the bats fly out at the Congress Bridge then went over to the First Street Bridge and got a great spot to watch the fireworks. It was a great display and they had the Austin Symphony playing too, very cool. I had lunch at one of my favorite places at UT today. It’s called Texas Expresso at the Alumni Center. I sat outside and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was (I have eaten at the same spot many times and I’m always amazed at how beautiful it is). I’m not sure if it’s that much cooler today or if I’m just so used to 100+ now that 98 feels really comfortable. The patio overlooks Waller Creek and is shaded by lots of pecan trees, while I was eating I saw a blue heron and heard frogs and lots of birds. It’s hard to believe there is that much nature right in the middle of campus!

This weekend will be another fun busy weekend. Friday is Laura and John’s wedding reception at Mayfield Park. Jeff and I have been to Mayfield Park a couple of times and we love to see the peacocks there.
Saturday Cassie and James are coming to town and Sunday is the Couples Triathlon which I’m doing with Cassie. Jeff’s parents and Aunt Deb are coming to Austin on Sunday too. So it should definitely be a fun weekend.


shubbe said...

Just now reading this, and wanted to point out that Laura and John's reception thingy is tomorrow (Saturday) night, not tonight. At least I think. I HOPE, anyway.

Richard said...

I hope with all the dry weather that the Lake's water level isn't getting too low. Also, reading about going to Schlitterbahn reminds me that I haven't gotten there recently, but I am glad you enjoyed it.