Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pedernales Falls State Park

We had planned to camp at Pedernales Falls State Park this weekend, but they are predicting thunderstorms and hail tonight and tomorrow, so we decided to make it a day trip instead.
I have been to Pedernales 3 times and this was the driest I've seen it. The second time I went you could barely walk on any of the rocks, most of them were underwater.
The Pederanales is known for serious flash flooding, to the point that it's rushing super fast and you can't see any of the rocks that we were walking on today.
Jeff climbed up onto this tall rock
There's a small waterfall right below me on this rock

Another waterfall

Big rocks near the waterfalls. The rocks are really cool looking, but pretty tough to climb on Jeff by one of the rocky water pools
I saw this cave and really wanted to go in it. It took a lot of climbing on rocks to get there
almost there
me in the cave
Jeff and I in the cave
view out of the cave
The water isn't that cold. and look how clear it is!

Jeff really liked this bald cypress tree


Richard said...

You two looked like you really enjoyed that trip--and some of those photos are just beautiful.

Maggie said...

I loooove Pedernales! looks like a ton of fun!
btw...nice shirt!! (I picked the colors :) )

love the pics