Friday, March 20, 2009

Things we Love about Austin

Wow, I haven't posted anything here in over a month! I guess that means it's been a quiet month. For the most part it has, although my parents visited at the end of February. My dad took some great pictures of wildflowers and the UT campus, we had a lot of fun in Austin, but we didn't take any pictures of Austin fun that weekend. My parents loved Homeslice Pizza and the Zilker Botanical Garden.

Since we have lived in Austin for over 6 months now, I thought I'd start a list of things we love about Austin.

Barton Springs Pool
Town Lake Trail
Jeff and I can both bike ride to work
First Thursday
Kayaking on Town Lake
Curbside recycling
There are tons of beautiful parks all over Austin
Festivals (Austin has a festival for almost everything)
You can get almost anywhere in Austin in about 15 minutes (except during rush hour)
Tons of great places to eat
Zilker Botanical Garden
Museums on campus
Tons of cool, unique local businesses
Walnut Creek Park
St. Edward's Park


Maggie said...

hee're becoming an Austinite. yay! be sure to do your part to keep Austin Weird!

oh...and you're missing Hey Cupcake on your list. ;)

Jeff & Heather said...

Don't worry Maggie, places to eat gets it's own list! and it will be a LONG list!

Richard said...

Nice list!

I'm sure it'll grow longer with time, maybe I can see something off the list when I go to Austin on business in April. I'll look forward to seeing a "Places to Eat List" one day.