Friday, February 6, 2009

Death Race 2009

Nic's second bike race was themed after a movie called Death Race 2000, it's a 70's movie and it's AWFUL! I only watched about 5 minutes before I got bored. The idea was the people raced across the country and hit as many people as possible for points. This race was based on points and racers got extra points for dressing up like characters from the movie. One guy even had his bike "in character" This race also started and ended at the Drungo Ice House. It's the perfect location and a great place to hang out. They have great food and a nice patio. Plus the owner, Mike, is really bike friendly.
From Drungo the racers went up to Performance Bike on Anderson Lane.
Getting ready to take off
Behind the store at Performance, Nic had set up cardboard cutouts and lots of plastic babies. He had a point scale for cutouts, big babies and small babies.
The racers were back really fast! They all seemed to have fun and got a little crazy getting all the cutouts and babies back to Drungo. It was so much fun to see everyone come back and see what they had and hear about what happened at Performance. It would have been really fun to be in both places at once!
The same guy who won Nic's first race won this one too, I think his name is Ernie.
Then there was the track stand competition
The foot down (ride in a tiny circle) contest. I think Shannon, the co-owner of a pedicab company won.And a drag race down Rio Grande
Nic built this swing bike, it's hinged in the middle and Nic can actually get the rear wheel to come around almost to the front wheel!
We all had a great time and can't wait to see what crazy ideas Nic comes up with for bike race #3.

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