Friday, May 2, 2008

The Chocolate Bar

Heatha (formerly of Heather and Roger from College Station) came to Texas for a quick visit the weekend of April 12. We were all very excited because it's been almost a year since she decided to move to Florida and be a private speech therapist for the son of Jimmy Buffet's business partner, yea seriously she gets free concert tickets for life! We knew she'd have lots of great stories, Heatha always has lots of great stories.

Heatha's plane didn't get in until 8pm and Jeff was working til 9 so Cherie and Cullen and I went to Barnaby's for dinner before the Chocolate Bar. Jeff and I love hanging out with them and we don't get to see them often enough since we live about as far apart as possible and still say we both live in the Houston area. We had a great time at Barnaby's then headed to the Chocoate Bar and pulled in just as Heatha was parking, perfect timing.

The Chocolate Bar is awesome, there is chocolate EVERYTHING you can imagine! I had chocolate ice cream with heath bar in it, and Heatha had a huge peice of some kind of chocolate cake. Heatha told us all about living in Florida, the rich and famous, and her drinking buddies. We laughed so much my stomach hurt the next day! She also told us all about her and Roger's divorce, which I know should be sad, but it was really just more entertaining, if you know Heatha you understand.

Cherie's birthday was Friday so we gave her her gift at the chocolate bar too. It was a good luck key chain from Brighton which she loved!

The Chocolate Bar closes at 11:00 and at about 11:30 we realized what time it was, we hadn't even noticed and there were still a few other people there so we didn't feel too bad. Heatha and Jeff hadn't had any "real food" so we went to Katz's so they could eat. We didn't get home until almost 3 am.

Heatha stayed with us that night and got up early to go to College Station and get her stuff out of storage and drive it back to Florida.

This was such a fun night! It really made me wish the whole grad school gang still lived close together and we could still hang out all the time.

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