Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Camping at Pedernales Falls State Park

I was asked by my boss to go with the Venture Dynamics class on their camping trip, as a chaperone. The class packs everything they’ll need for an overnight camping trip into hiking packs and hikes into the primitive camping area about 3 miles from the parking lot. They’re graded on packing what they need, setting up a tent, and cooking meals. We got to the park and explored a little then got our packs ready and hiked into the camping area. I didn’t have any trouble hiking in with the pack, but by the time we got there, I was really glad to get rid of the 25 lb pack! I’m really glad I don’t weight 25 lbs more!

We hiked down to the river and explored there for awhile. We waded in the water, but it was freezing!

On Saturday morning, we packed up the gear and hiked back out, then we drove over to the waterfalls. We hiked and explored around there for a couple hours. It’s a really beautiful area. Lots of caves and cliffs, it was fairly hard to get to some spots.

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